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Oct 1st 08:08:06 AM

BOKS Grant Extension!

By Caeli Sullivan

Haven't had a chance to share the news about the BOKS Activation Grant with your friends and family?! Not a problem, because the time period to apply has been extended!!

The BOKS Team is happy to announce you can apply for the grant now through October 15th, 2014!! So don't delay! Share this news with your friends accross the globe to help bring BOKS to their local community. 

Steps to Apply:

1. Please be sure you have reviewed our website,, and the three steps to bring BOKS to your school. 

2. After ensuring your school has the time, space, necessary transportation, administrative support and volunteer support, sign the BOKS pledge ( 

3. Once the pledge is signed and your principal confirms his or her approval, you will receive a password to the Trainer Hub and a link to the online BOKS Activation Grant application.

Application Process (applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from August 1-October 15, 2014):

  • All elementary and middle schools and non-profit organizations (such as YMCAs) can apply 
  • The school or organization must be located in the United States
  • The BOKS Activation Grant is for NEW BOKS programs only 
  • Schools that have already run the BOKS program are not eligible to apply 

Click HERE for the full BOKS Activation Grant Guidelines.


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  • When will grants be back?


    I only heard about the program yesterday. leaving me with no time to meet the extension even. This is fine, but I wonder: is there a time frame for when grants may be available again? I am sure that our little school can manage something without the extra money but I would like to know what possibilities are there before I take this to the principal.