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Oct 17th 01:05:03 PM

Student Spotlight: Paige Meile

By Jess Garbarino

One of the best things about working for BOKS HQ is hearing about how the program is improving the lives of students, trainers and communities – and every so often we are contacted by particular individuals whose BOKS stories are so special we feel compelled to share them.

Paige Meile is... Read More

Sep 6th 09:52:02 AM

Introducing “The History of BOKS”

By Jess Garbarino

Summer may be over - and while we’ll miss the warm weather, the BOKS team can’t help but be excited as it’s that time of year when our schools get their BOKS programs up and running. Whether you are at a new school starting BOKS for the first time, are just interested in learning more about the... Read More

Jun 14th 01:07:15 PM


By Michael Leidig, MS, RD, LDN, CPT

Happy National Fresh Fruit & Veggie Month! It’s a great month to enjoy those REAL freshly harvested veggies and fruits which are super sweet and yummy. Don't be fooled though by fruit-flavored snacks, fruit leathers, or juices--REAL fresh fruit is the best choice. Speaking of fruits,... Read More