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Jun 14th 12:42:01 PM

Summer Fun Pack

By BOKS Team

Wouldn’t it be fun to keep BOKS going throughout the summer? We have created a “Summer Fun Pack” so that our community can bring a little BOKS to their summers. This packet can be used by families, neighborhood gatherings, or as part of a summer camp.

Just because the school year has... Read More

May 9th 08:03:31 AM

A note from Tara Stiles: It’s not the yoga that heals you. It’s you that heals you.

By Tara Stiles

I was lucky as a kid to grow up with a healthy dose of mindfulness without the side of pretense. My parents led by example that it was important to take care of our bodies by eating close to nature, take care of ourselves and each other by acting with kindness, and take care of our surroundings... Read More

May 9th 07:58:29 AM

Mindful Eating

By Michael Leidig, MS, RD, LDN, CPT

Happy May! The 5th of the month is Cinco de Mayo and Mexican food can be delicious & nutritious: protein in beans, veggies in fresh salsa, and healthy fats in guacamole. Technically the tomato in that salsa is a fruit and that’s OK! Speaking of fruits, thank mom this Mother’s day for the... Read More