Read the checklist

Here are a few questions for you to think about before you speak with your principal about starting BOKS at school.


  • time and space

    Does your school have the time and space needed to run BOKS? You'll need time before school starts and space indoors or outdoors to hold BOKS.

  • getting there

    Is your school an elementary school and can the children get to school without a school bus? Sometimes parents join together to get them there early.

  • support and helpers

    Does the principal value physical activity? Who is going to lead the program and are you able to recruit volunteers to help? Moms, dads, PE teachers, staff and community members.

Get your principal's approval

Our help pack has a letter to your principal for you to personalize and a slideshow to explain the program along with key talking points.

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Your principal has approved BOKS and you have taken the BOKS pledge. Once we receive a confirmation email from your principal, you will be provided with login details to the trainer hub. The trainer hub hosts tools and resources to help you run BOKS at your school.

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My Story...

How BOKS impacts my classroom

"Several of my students participated in the morning BOKS physical activity program. On days when they attended BOKS, there was a significant difference in their alertness and participation compared to days when they did not attend. After waking up with BOKS, students were ready to start their day and be active learners" - Teacher