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In today’s screen obsessed culture, kids are the least active generation in history. This sedentary lifestyle is negatively impacting both their physicalmental and social health. BOKS is a physical activity program designed to reverse this public health crisis by getting kids active and establishing a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. Built on the science and research documented in the book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, BOKS provides free physical activity curriculum, training and support to communities looking to establish and maintain impactful fitness and nutrition programs serving the whole child. Having grown from a single elementary school to a global initiative, BOKS is scalable and its impact is supported by scientific research. BOKS envisions a world in which movement is a foundational part of every child’s day.  

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What is BOKS

Our Flagship Program

What is BOKS?

BOKS is a free physical activity program for kids of all ages and abilities.

The BOKS program includes lesson plans, training, and support needed to get kids moving for up to 45 minutes a day. It also includes shorter movement breaks, games, and activities tailored to your needs as an educator or parent.


Kids are not getting enough physical activity.

Regular physical activity is proven to help prevent and manage non-communicable dieseases, and help with physical health, mental health issues, and academic performance and yet, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) 81% of adolescents do not do enough physical activity.

Who is a BOKS Trainer?

Anyone can be a BOKS Trainer!

Whether you are a physical education leader, classroom teacher, youth development professional or parent volunteer, BOKS provides all the training and resources you need to run a successful program.

Is it really free?

YES – 100% FREE!

BOKS is free to enroll in and to use. Many games, activities, and movement breaks are equipment free as well.

What do I Get When I Sign Up?

Unlimited access to our lesson plans, training and free resources.

Once you sign-up, you will be given access to our Trainer Hub. This Hub holds everything you need to run a successful BOKS program as well as all the extra games and activities we release monthly.

How do I get started?

Sign up your school, classroom, youth organization or household.

Click the “Sign-Up” button to get started! Once you are in the Trainer Hub the New Trainer On-boarding Module under TRAINING is a great place to start your journey!

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Meet the BOKS Team

Our team believes that sport & fitness have the power to change lives. We have each experienced this in our lives and are now dedicated to passing it on to more children across the globe.

Laura J. Burati

Manager, Program and Training

Heather Chase

New England Outreach Coordinator

Nancy Day

Rhode Island Area Coordinator

Jess Garbarino

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Jay Dembro

Digital Platform Manager

Cheri Levitz

Senior Advisor/Consultant

Christene Lyons

Senior Manager, Operations

Heidi McGrath

Customer Relations Manager

Cherrelle Morrison

DC Area Coordinator

Michela North

Marketing Coordinator

Jen Pascarelli, M.Ed.

Physical Education Teacher and Training Team

Shea Pease

Boston Area Coordinator

Caeli Sullivan

Business Development Senior Manager

Ally Trenteseaux

Outreach & Training Manager

Kathleen Tullie

Founder & Executive Director

For general inquiries reach out to the BOKS team here

Interested In Joining Our Team?

Please check back for open positions coming soon!

Meet the BOKS Advisory Board

Mary Ann Bryan

Interim Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services and Support of Weymouth Public Schools

Cedric Bryant

President & Chief Science Officer, American Council of Exercise (ACE Fitness)

Jeff Bellows

Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Dr. Jennifer Curtis-Whipple

Superintendent of Weymouth Public Schools

Kevin Greer

Partner, Learn to Earn Fund, New Profit

Di Hayes

Senior Vice President of Global Business, International Tennis Hall of Fame

Martina Jahrbacher

Senior Director Business Development Central Europe, adidas AG

David Kaplan

Co-Founder and Managing Member, Shepard-Kaplan LLC

Rene Kloosterman

Senior Manager FP&A Group Functions at adidas group

Cheri Levitz

Co-Founder, BOKS

William Nystrom

Founder, Nystrom Beckman & Paris

Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH

Chief, Division of General Academic Pediatrics, MGH & Executive Director, Kraft Center for Community Health, MGH

Kristi Pourmousa

Vehicle Product Training Specialist, Toyota USA

Dr. John Ratey

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Neuropsychiatry Expert

Neal Taylor

Vice President Global Brand Operations, Reebok

Faith Weiner

Senior Director Community Relations & Corporate Philanthropy

The BOKS Program Is 100% Free To Schools And Youth Organizations Due To Generous Support From Our Corporate Funding Supporters.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
  • The Boston Foundation
  • CVS Health
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Reebok
  • Toyota