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What is BOKS?

BOKS is a free physical activity program for kids of all ages and abilities.

The BOKS program was designed to provide more opportunities for kids from early childhood through high school to get moving throughout the day with movement breaks, games, activities and more!


Kids are not getting enough physical activity.

Less than one-quarter (24%) of children 6 to 17 years of age participate in 60 minutes of physical activity every day – the daily recommended amount according to the CDC.

Who is a BOKS Trainer?

Anyone can be a BOKS Trainer!

Parents, teachers, volunteers, physical education leaders, or anyone else that wants to help get kids moving!

Is it really free?

YES – 100% FREE!

BOKS is free to enroll in and to use. Many games, activities, and movement breaks are equipment free as well.

What do I Get When I Sign Up?

Unlimited access to all our free resources – new content added monthly!

Once you sign-up, you gain access to all BOKS resources online in the Trainer Hub including lesson plans, videos, print out, training modules, and registration forms & certificates.

How do I get started?

Sign up your school, home, or non-profit organization.

Click the “Sign-Up” button to get started! You can sign up with your household, school, or non-profit organization in order to gain access to all our free resources.

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Check out our YouTube Channel for BOKS Burst Videos, full BOKS Classes, and more ideas to help keep your kids moving!

BOKS Kids YouTube

We have curated all of our live streamed workouts here for you to follow along to any time.

Get your kids up and moving throughout the day with these quick Bursts of activity.