BOKS Body Hop

Wacky WednesdayFormat: Partner activity, have each kid pick their own

Set up: Partner A sits on the ground with arms out to the side and legs stretched on the ground out straight in front of them. Partner B is standing up.

Object: To jump over your partner’s arms and legs 3 times and then switch places.


  1. Partner A is sitting down with their arms out to the side and legs in front of them.
  2. Partner B begins and jumps over their left arm, jumps over their legs and jumps over their right arm (round 1). Partner B turns around and then jumps over their right arm, over their legs and over their left arm (round 2). Partner B repeats one more set of jumps and sits down.
  3. Partner A repeats the 3 sets of jumps that Partner B just did.
  4. Each person gets 2 turns in each position.