BOKS Discovery

Fun FridayFormat: Running

Materials:15-20 bean bags or other small items, 15+ cones

Set Up: Indoor or outdoor space is ok. Spread Cones out around play space and hide bean bags or other small objects under cones.

Object: Get Moving!


  1. Create teams of 5-7 kids.
  2. Put the teams around the room and give them a “home location”
  3. Hide bean bags or other objects under random cones that are spread out in the center of the play space.
  4. Blow the whistle to begin and set the timer for 2 minutes.
  5. One at a time a kid from each team runes to a cone to see if something is under it.
  6. Kids are sprinting so they can get back to their team fast and send the next person off to get an object.
  7. The team with the most objects at the end wins.