BOKS Leg Challenge

Fun Friday

Format: Group warm up.

Materials: Music if available.

Set Up: Have the kids spread out around your play space indoors or outdoors.

Object: Warm up your lower body.


  1. Have the trainer stand on something so all of the kids can see what he or she is doing in the front of the room.
  2. Complete 30 seconds of each of the following activities transitioning smoothly from one to another.
    1. heel raises
    2. hop up and down
    3. scissor feet forward/backward
    4. jumping jack no arms
    5. jumping jack with arms
    6. jumping jack no arms
    7. scissor feet forward/backward
    8. hop up and down
    9. heel raises
    10. This is a complete 5 minute workout.

You can extend each movement to 60 seconds and really challenge the kids! This will take 10 minutesto complete.