BOKS Up and Down


Fun FridayBOKS Up and Down:

Format: Divide into 2 teams, Team Up and Team Down

Materials: All the cones

Set Up: Lay out all the cones randomly throughout the gym or field

Object: Get Moving!


  1. Kids race around the gym trying to move the cones.
  2. Team Up tries to keep the cones standing up. Team Down tries to keep the cones lying down.
  3. After a few minutes, cue the kids to freeze. See which team has more cones up or down.
  4. Play again, but this time, Team Up is now Team Down and vice versa. You can repeat for as long as you have time.

Suggestion: You can have the kids stop using their hands, move around doing a crab walk or on their hands and knees to slow them down. Keep alternating how the kids need to move around.