Break the Snake

Fun Friday

Format: Two or three snakes inside gym

Set Up: Use boundaries to create an appropriate size play area as needed.


  1. Put the kids in groups of 7-8 with a trainer in each group.
  2. Have the kids all connect hands and stand side-by-side.
  3. The line leader will start moving and the others try to follow, while continuing to hold hands.
  4. Line leader should not sprint, but use movements such as skipping, hopping, slow jog or galloping.
  5. The leader’s aim is to move so that the others cannot keep their hands together.
  6. When the line (snake) is “broken,” the snake leader goes to the far end of the line.
  7. The snake then reforms and the game resumes. Change the leader every minute no matter if the snake has broken or not.
  8. The goal is to move up towards the head of the snake as the game progresses