Castle Ball

Wacky WednesdayFormat: Running and rolling balls

Materials: Hula hoops or cones and balls

Set up:  Put the kids in teams of 6-8 and give each team 3 hula hoops and/or 3 cones, cups etc.

Object: Protect your castle and knock down others


  1. Each team uses 3 hula hoops and/or 3 cones to make a structure (castle) – give the kids one minute to do this
  2. Balls are placed randomly around the gym or field
  3. Once all castles are built each team has to nominate 1-2 people to guard the castle – the other team members run around and try to knock down other castles
  4. You can knock down a castle by rolling a ball into it
  5. Guards needs to be a body’s length away from their own castle while guarding