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Fun Friday

  1. Kids line up behind cones with their color group. Keep groups under 7 kids if possible.
  2. One person gets inside the hula hoop and runs to the opposite side of the gym, picks up 1 item and brings it back to their group.
  3. The next person in line, now holds onto the outside of the hula hoop and runs with the first person down to the other side of the gym and picks up 1 more object to bring back to their starting line.
  4. The next person holds on to the outside of the hula hoop now (so there are 3 people) and they all run down pick up 1 more item and bring it back to their team.
  5. Continue until everyone in the line (all 7 people) are running down to pick up the last item together.
  6. If time allows, you can continue and return all of the items to their original spot and let one person off each time instead of picking one person up.