Down Down Down

Fun FridayDirections:

  1. Have players find a partner or small team of 3, scatter, and stand across from one another or in a small
  2. On the signal “GO” or when the music starts, kids begin tossing the ball back and forth until someone drops it.
  3. When the ball is dropped, the kid who threw the ball says “Down on one knee,” and the kid who dropped it has to continue playing from one knee.
  4. If the same kid drops the ball again, the kid who threw the ball says “Down on two knees,” then “Down on one elbow,” and then “Down on two elbows,” and finally “Down on your chin”.
  5. The kid has to stay in the position he or she is in to catch and throw the ball, and the throw must be catchable. Encourage the kids to throw gently.
  6. Play until all teams are out.

Variations: Have both kids go to a lower position when one misses. Have them see how many times
they can catch before they hit the floor.
Have the kids start close to each other and then take a step back for every toss.