Dribble Tag

Fun FridayFormat: Running/Tag game

Materials: Basketballs and cones

Set Up: Mark boundaries on a basketball court or any paved area with cones

Objective: Don’t get tagged!


  1. Choose several participants to be the dribblers of the basketball. The other players scatter themselves within the boundaries.
  2. Blow a whistle to signal to begin
  3. The kids with the balls dribble anywhere within the boundaries, while attempting to tag another player
  4. The dribblers must be in control of the ball when the tag is made if it is to count – Participants must use their agility and quickness to avoid being tagged
  5. When the dribbler gets someone while successfully controlling his/her dribble, the person tagged becomes the new dribbler and the game continues


  1. Have dribblers use their non-dominant hand to dribble
  2. Have those being chased move about doing a side shuffle or bunny hops
  3. For young players, have them bounce the ball once and catch it ever few steps