Exercise Newcombe

Format: Moving and tossing

Materials: 1-3 balls

Set Up: Divide the kids into two teams of 10 -15 kids. Have them stand on either side of the monkey bar structure, volleyball net (if one is available), or divide the space with cones if that is all you have; to make a “net”.

Object: Catch the ball and practice skills


  1. Set up some type of divider in the center of your space to make a “court” and have 10-15 kids stand on either side of the divider.
  2. A kid from one team throws the ball to the other team.
  3. Anyone on that team can catch the ball, but the ball has to be caught before it touches the ground. (You might also start off by saying that kids can catch the ball on one bounce)
  4. The person who catches the ball quickly throws it back to the other side. The action is repeated,
  5. Kids on each team take turns throwing the ball until someone misses or the ball goes out of bounds. (In either of these situations, the toss then goes to the other team.)
  6. Let the team with the BOKS kid of the week start the game.
  7. Points are earned when the opposing team drops or misses the ball. To deemphasize winning and losing, try playing very short games (5 points), keeping skill balance in mind as you form groups and encouraging kids to help one another out during play.
  8. Every time the ball is dropped all of the kids need to perform 10 jumping jacks or skill of choice. Suggestion: To make it more challenging have the kids play balancing on 1 leg.

Suggestion: This game is very similar to volleyball, so it might be better for grades 3-5 and have the K-2 grades play a different game.