Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean

Format: Individual activity

Materials: None

Set Up: Kids spread out across gym or field; there is a safety zone at each side of the field.

Object: Last fish left is the winner.


  1. There are 5 sharks and the remaining kids are fish. The fish try to cross ocean when they hear “fishy, fishy cross my ocean” cued by the sharks.
  2. Sharks chase after fish and if a fish is caught, he/she becomes a shark.
  3. Fish can rest in safety zone after crossing until next command is communicated.
  4. Play for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Tips: Call the kids out by grade or color group to manage safety.
  • Allow the sharks to be the trainers or a certain grade and then alternate.
  • Have the sharks wear pinnies, so the fish know who to run from.