BOKS Corners

Fun Friday

Format: One large game inside the gym or on field
Materials: Music
Set Up: Use boundaries to create an appropriate size play area as needed
Objective: Get moving!

  1. Divide the class into 4 equal teams and allocate a corner of the play area to each. Have each
    team start in their corner.
  2. When the music starts, the teams leave their corner and run around in the general space. On the
    signal “BOKS Corners”, each team runs to their original corner of the play area. No two teams can
    occupy the same corner. When all teams are at their corners the trainer gives a command, like 10
    jumping jacks. Each group does the movement together as a team.
  3. After the movement is complete the team waits for the music to play again or for the trainer to say
  4. The music is played again, all teams run in the general space. Listen for the next “Corner Signal” to
    be called. Run back to your original corner, perform the task. The game continues in this way.