Welcome Hands

Fun Friday

Format: Running

Materials: If a small group, have each kid get inside one hula hoop that is lying on the ground – If a bigger group just mark off the area with marker or piece of tape on ground

Set Up: Open space marked off by cones

Object: Getting to know the other BOKS kids.


  1. Trainer calls out “Girls’ Shake hands” all the girls find a new spot and “High Five”, “Shake hands”, “High tens”, “side fives”, “low tens”, or do a “foot shake” to another girl in a “home spot” and mention something about themselves.
  2. Trainer calls out, “boys shake hands” and the boys do the same thing.
  3. Trainers can call out specific groups of kids at a time.
  4. Have kids keep track in their heads of how many news kids they met and something new about someone they had met.