Wacky Wednesday

Format: Divide class in half to make 2 teams

Materials: Bean bags, soft balls, pinnies, cones any soft objects

Set Up: Kids line up with teams on opposite sides of the gym, divide equipment into 2 piles, one for each team, and place 1 pile on each teams side

Objective: Each team tries to get all the “junk” (equipment) out of their side of the gym and onto the other side


  1. Kids try to roll or carry (any hard or big equipment) “junk” to opponent’s side
  2. Kids need to stay on their own side and just roll the equipment over the dividing line
  3. Kids work as fast as they can to keep cleaning the “junk” off of their side and sending it to their opponent’s side
  4. Let the kids play for at least 5 minutes and then call time – give them a warning ahead of time
  5. Lead trainer counts all of the “junk” to determine which team has the least junk in their yard/on their side