Move Through the Forest

BOKS BurstPretend to move throughout the forest for 45-60 seconds per animal:

  1. Like a big bear (bear crawls on hands and feet, lifting knees to elbow to walk)
  2. Like a frog (squat low and spring up high – frog jumps!)
  3. Like a deer (arms straight out jumping with high knees to chest)
  4. Like hummingbird (running quickly in place while swinging arms like windmills)
  5. Like a squirrel climbing a tree (reach high and then pull arms down and knee lifts to touch elbow, then alternate to other side like you are climbing)
  6. Like a beaver smacking his tail down (place hands behind back, kick heels up to try to touch feet)
  7. Have the kids pick their favorite forest animal and act like it