One Big Happy Family

BOKS Burst

  1. Sit in a large group circle around the desks and chairs (no need to rearrange the desks and chairs). Everyone needs to have their feet pointing into the circle:
  2. Use an object (i.e. shoe, pencil case, any object with a little weight) – place it in one child’s hand
  3. Everyone is to hold the crunch position for 30 seconds
  4. Start passing the object around the circle while holding the crunch position and keeping their feet planted on the floor
  5. Keep passing the object for 30 seconds from child to child
  6. After 30 seconds, the child with the object in their hands gets to choose the next skill (e.g. low-plank hold, squat hold, lunge hold, high-plank hold)
  7. Continue for 30 second intervals with varying movements