Red Light, Green Light

Wacky Wednesday

Format: Individual activity

Materials: None

Set Up: Kids spread out across one side of the gym or field – there is a finish line at opposite side of the field

Objective: Get to the finish line and get moving!


  1. Have a trainer or BOKS kid of the week be the “stop light” and lead the game
  2. The “Stop light” faces away from the group when they say Green light, but turns and faces the group when they say Red light
  3. The “Stop light” cues the participants to start moving by saying “Green light” – the participants should walk fast or jog, but not run
  4. The participants will stop moving when they hear “Red light” and the “Stop light” turns around to make sure everyone is standing still and not still moving
  5. Send kids back to the starting line if they are caught moving after you have said “Red light”
  6. Play until someone reaches and tags the “Stop light” – that person becomes the new “Stop light”
  7. All of the kids go back to the starting line and play again