Steal the Turkey Bacon

Fun FridayFormat: Divide into 2 teams and give each kid a number or use the color groupings

Materials: Cones, bean bags, or other small object to steal

Set Up: Line up cones to divide gym in half

Objective: Get moving!


  1. Have each team line up on opposite sides of the gym facing the center line
  2. Give each team numbers, so they have a matching number partner on the opposite team
  3. Call a number/color AND a movement (i.e., 2 push-ups)
  4. Kids race to the middle and perform the movements
  5. The first kid finished will grab the bean bag/object and run back to their line
  6. You can call two numbers or colors at a time too
  7. Keep track of the numbers/colors to that everyone gets a chance to play
  8. To keep the other kids moving, have the ones who are not called during a round do the movement in their places