Tricky Twosome Tag

Fun Friday

Format: This can be whole group or you can divide into smaller group as needed

Materials: Cones

Set Up: Kids spread out across gym or field with their partner – set up one safety zone, marking off a circle with cones

Objective: Don’t get tagged!


  1. All kids find a partner and choose 1 to 2 pairs to be taggers
  2. The taggers will link arms and chase after partners
  3. If you are tagged, your team becomes taggers too
  4. Once tagged, link arms with the taggers and everyone forms a blob
  5. As more partners get tagged, the blob becomes larger
  6. Partners can rest in safety zone for a minute if they need to
  7. Play until all (or most) of the kids are caught and let winning pair be the taggers on the next round