Capture the Flag

Wacky Wednesday

Set up: Set up a jail zones on each side of the play area. Create the center boundary line that divides the two teams/sides. Put equal amount of bean bags (“flags”) on the far end of each team’s space. Put one team in pinnies.

Object: To be the first team to capture the “flags” and get them back to your teams side without being tagged and sent to jail


  1. Whistle blows and kids start running to steal opponents “flags”.
  2. Kids can get tagged once they cross the boundary to the other team’s area.
  3. If tagged, kids go to opponent’s jail.
  4. To get out of jail, another teammate must tag you and free you without getting caught. When leaving jail you get a free walk back to your side, but the kid that did the releasing does not.
  5. Kids can make a chain in jail by linking arms and the only one kid needs to get tagged for them to all get released.
  6. If a kid gets a “flag” but then gets tagged they need to return the “flag” to its original spot and go to jail.
  7. First team to capture all the “flags” without getting sent to jail wins!