New to BOKS? Sign up for training! Lace up your sneakers, grab a bottle of water and get ready for a training session that will have you up and on your feet. BOKS hosts free training for anyone interested in the program. Whether you want to bring BOKS to your school or learn more, join us! And remember training is encouraged but not mandatory.

BOKS Training

We'll talk about starting BOKS, class structure and other fundamentals for BOKS champions new to the program. Wear your sneakers because you will be up and moving just like BOKS participants.

For Canadian training information, please contact

District BOKS Training

Have a big group of people in your community who want to start BOKS? We travel. If you have enough BOKS champions in your district, we may be able to come to you. Check back to see if we add any destination training sessions to our calendar.

Advanced BOKS Training

We offer additional four-hour training for seasoned BOKS trainers who are looking for new ideas and concepts related to curriculum and group management. Join us for our Advanced BOKS Training sessions.

Training Info

The BOKS Kids Fitness Certificate is here!!

Do you want to receive a nationally recognized credential to prove your knowledge and ability to successfully implement and run the BOKS program? BOKS and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) have partnered to bring you the BOKS Kids Fitness Certificate*. To receive your official certificate, just ENROLL your school in BOKS and take the brief multiple choice quiz located on the home page of our Trainer Hub under 'Links/Resources.' 

In preparation for the quiz, please reference this more detailed document to learn more about the program. 

*Please note, this is not mandatory and instead is a completely optional quiz to give you additional background on BOKS.